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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Way too long...

It has been way too long since my last post. Life has been moving and going so fast, the winds of it all are keeping me in the right direction. I have been all over the map physically and emotionally. Two very very dear people in my life have gone to be with the Lord and that has not come without a flood of emotions. The emotions range from joy of two lives well lived in service to the Lord, to sorrow from personally losing two mentors. 72+ years of marriage says a lot about two people. The commitment, the love, the persistence, and the grace that was between them has only been a testimony of their relationship with the Lord Almighty. They led our family thru trying times with the word of God. I am going to miss the long winded prayers of my great grandfather and the sassy comments of my great grandmother more as the year progresses. It has been a joy and honor to have GREAT grandparents. I am stronger, wiser, and live life more to the fullest because of them. They have bonded a family together with their legacy of love.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Sunday, February 21, 2010

A tribute to Deedee

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Monday, February 8, 2010

I love my girls!

My girls are continuing to be a barrel of laughter and fun!  I can't wait to put up a post about all of their new fun moments!  I plan to do so soon! So Stay tooned!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Love my Emma!

Emma is a barrel full of randomness! I love that girl! She has her own way of doing stuff and could care less to learn my way, or anyone elses for that matter! She is a burst of sun in an otherwise dim room! She floats on a cloud, well falls off of it often. She is such a sweet little angel! She has her daddy wrapped around her finger, and knows how to get her way. She won't make eye contact when she is in trouble. She likes to surprise us, when it's her idea. She takes shoes off in the van every trip and sheds her coat at the door. She goes right in and takes a nap when asked to. She is rarely found wearing regular clothes, almost always in dress up stuff. She is my mess maker, my not so sneaky one. She puts herself in the corner and gags at the thought of eating veggies. She always puts her shoes on the wrong feet and likes to paint the table with her yogart. She makes a strange snorting sound when she sucks her thumb. She gives the best hugs! She is perfect and she is THREE!!! or as she says "I FREE" Yes, sweet Emma, you are free....free spirited! I love you more and more each day and I pray that you NEVER lose that spunk that makes you, you! Happy 3rd Birthday, Sweet girl!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year!

I have got to say how thankful I am that this is a new year! 2009 was a very stress filled year for many reasons! I am opting to leave 2009 in the past where it belongs! I did however, want to give a few updates and share a few lessons learned along the way!
In Jan 09, we celebrated Emma turning 2! I learned I could bare a load much larger then I ever thought possible.
In Feb 09, we celebrated Steve's job promotion and enjoyed a much needed week get away to visit from friends in TN.
In March 09, we celebrated Chloe turning 4.
In April 09, I was chosen to host an American Idol Finale party thru Houseparty.com! I learned that forgiveness is much harder for some then others, but was thankful for God's grace to me.
In May 09, I won a 2010 Ford Fusion, and a trip for 2 to the American Idol finale in Hollywood!
In June 09, Steve resigned his job at the church. I learned that true friends are few and far between and that under stressful circumstances, most people don't know what to say/do.
In July 09, we traveled quite a bit. We enjoyed lots of family time and got an offer on our house!
In August 09, we celebrated Maci turning 1! We vacationed yet again, but this time with friends! Steve and I traveled with Maci to Dallas and found a nice house! I learned that God allows us to know what we NEED to know WHEN we need to know it. Some act out of guilt and can't forgive themselves, so they take it out on others.
In Sept 09, we closed on our house and moved to Dallas. I got Chloe enrolled in preschool and found a MOPS group.
In Oct 09, Maci started therapy, both physical and occupational. Jamie, Nanny and Pappy came to visit.
In Nov 09, I celebrated my 30th birthday. Steve surprised me by flying Christie up for the weekend. A week or so later, 4 other girlfriends flew up for a girls weekend! Emma decided that she was ready to be potty trained and is now FULLY potty trained, day and night! I was asked to join a team of gals in posting on MyDFWMommy.com blog and started! Last but not least, Steve turned 32...
In Dec 09, we have enjoyed a lot of time with family and friends! We traveled to St. Louis for Christmas, then to Oklahoma for New Years. I learned that it is easy to fall into a black hole at the holidays if I let myself. I have thought more this year about what my girls think Christmas is all about then any other year. I have found a new respect for a friend who was strengthened by a tragedy, and now hold my girls a little tighter.

So what will be different in 2010? I am going to try to blog about my coupon savings. I have wondered the past few years just how much I have saved each year by using coupons. This year I am going to track it and actually know! I will be tracking monthly and will try to update on here! To date, I have saved $39.15. I am going to make every effort to drink V8 each day, as my body needs it...since I am not a huge veggie eater. I am going to attempt to send 10 minutes with each of my girls (exclusive for each child) a day. I know that doesn't sound like much...but it's so hard to get one on one time without interuptions. And of course, there is always the goal to be thin in 2010. I am contemplating joining the YMCA...my girls will love the play time and I think I would enjoy the "me" time! I also want to read 6 more books this year. I had that goal last year, and accomplished it. I would also like to spend more time teaching my kids how to fish instead of just giving them fish. I have started with "whatever is not picked up before you go to bed gets trashed!" Is that too harsh? They are almost 3 and 5. Chloe gets it for sure! I'll be updating with pictures in the near future!

Happy New Years to you and your family! If you aren't already reading mydfwmommy.com blog, you should...it's saved me tons and I really enjoy posting on it!