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Friday, September 25, 2009

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The old house, the move, and the new...

It was bitter sweet leaving our house in Ballwin. So many great memories there...it's where we brought our girls home from the hospital...the only house they knew! It was where we found many unexpected blessings of friendship and wisdom. It was such a cute cozy little house, perfect for the family that is just starting out. Steve and I bought and moved into that house in March of 2004, found out we were expecting June 2004, had Chloe March 2005, found out we were expecting April 2006, had Emma Jan. 2007, found out we were expecting Nov. 2007, had Maci Aug 2008...and sound our house July 2009. So quickly time flew by... we miss the squeaks in the floor, the large storage area in the basement, but most of the all the friends who visited us when we lived in it!

The move was pretty uneventful...we lost a few things (they got broken) to the trash, overall less then $100 worth, so that was good. We were so blessed to have so much help in loading the truck and also unloading! Friends showed up and surprised us in the sweetest ways...some with parting gifts, some with tear filled eyes...some with enough food to feed a small army for each of us...some with words of wisdom, and some with broken hearts. I have never felt so loved by people who only knew us for a short 5 and a half years. It was humbling and we felt so honored. If you were one of those who helped us out in the last days in MO or in the first days in TX, a million times thank you! You have blessed our family.

The new house is awesome! We love the extra space...the girls love their room and having a big walk in closet! The park and pool are less then a block away and they love to go there! I love the extra space....but extra space means extra cleaning! Main floor laundry is the best part about this house! Those of you in STL with basements know what I am talking about! We have been here a few weeks and have gotten settled into a routine. Chloe goes to Preschool everyday from 12-3. The other two nap during that time...it's my time to get dinner going or do a little cleaning. We aren't eating out anymore, which is a HUGE lifestyle change, but it's so much more cost efficent to make meals and I am learning to just double what I make and freeze one for those days when I don't really want to cook. We go to MOPS every other Friday and are enjoying that. We have found a church that we enjoy and are seeking God's will for where we should serve. Steve has an awesome work schedule: Monday 8-4, Tue-Thurs 8-6, Friday 8-12 and weekends off! We are enjoying getting to know the area and all of thrills of a southern lifestyle! There are about 3 Targets within 8 miles of my house...that's been fun...although I do NOT like that they are giving me headaches about coupons these days! There are a million Walmarts, but as you know, I do NOT like going there and try to avoid it at all costs.

As for how things are for us, emotionally...we miss our friends! My girls miss their playmates and playdates. We all miss Nanny and Pappy. I miss MOPS, Bunco, and my girls Night outs. So many good memories....they aren't in St. Louis...they are in our hearts. Thank you for being used by God to touch our lives. I read this yesterday..."God brings people into your life for a reason, some to strengthen you, some to love you, some to be loved by you, some to teach you patience and forgiveness, some to teach you self control, some to teach you compassion, and some to bring you joy"

Saturday, September 19, 2009

New castle for our princesses!

Thought I would at least post a few picts of the new place on here...will actually blog about what is going on in our little family soon! Enjoy the picts!