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Monday, August 24, 2009

Friday, August 21, 2009

Moving day is coming!

Steve and I are here in Texas and are getting all of our ducks in a row to gear up for the big move! We have secured our house and are very excited about the subdivision and meeting new friends! I have added a few picts of the house and neighborhood so you can see! My girls are going to LOVE this area!

Monday, August 17, 2009


Wow, so many thoughts flood my mind when I think about friendships. From the first friend I can remember to the most recent...all have played a role in helping me discover who I am in Christ today. Some early friendships with Lacy and Krisa have brought back great memories. We were so young and crazy! We had fun and thought that going to Fall's Creek, eating pizza and watching movies was the life! Skating all afternoon, Lacy and I tripped and fell a lot...and laughed thru it all. Krisa and I spent many an afternoon riding the scooter across the highway...and lied to Deedee about it. Shame on us. 14 and no sense in the world. Then there was a crazy road trip when I was 16...not going to talk about that one...just thanking God that He kept Kris and I safe that day! How about the friendship of Charla in college? She was there for me when my mom died and when I almost lost my brother! Then came Rachel, Brandy, Gina, Mic, Fawn, Sylvia...lots of great friendships with godly women! After becoming a newly wed and moving, God led others into friendship with me! Heather was one of the first! What a blessing she is and was at that time in our lives. Jessi was right there with her. That was a laughter filled friendship and still is! Jessi was the first among my peers to get pregnant...and unexpectantly. She fell madly in love with her little man and I grew more and more excited about motherhood in my future. Then there was Kari, Ashley, Beth, and Erica...who were there thru the early days of infertility. Then came Kristy, who walked with me thru a lot of the fertility treatments...and even went with me to a few appointments. We would have stayed in Waco at that church, had Steve not graduated seminary and felt called to full time ministry. That church loved us and still email us often! Next came the move back to Oklahoma. This brought new friendships! Kim and Jennifer. Kim and I still chat...she is so down to earth! Love her! Jennifer was the first gal that I was able to walk with thru infertility. It was bitter sweet leaving that church...we saw it grow from 30 members to over 100. Small Oklahoma church, but God was working there. They have asked us to come back and do a revival for them...it feels good to feel missed and loved so much. So on to Missouri we went! Stephanie was one of the first friends who really reached out to me. Although she was my boss, she was also my friend. Sarah came shortly behind her! Both have been godly friends! And then I became a mommy...and wow that really opened up my circle of friends...I will just name a few here, but all of these gals have really challenged me to be a better wife, mother, and friend. Angela, Loreal, Jamie, Erika, Christie, Michelle, Lisa, Sara, Wendy, Shannon, Julie, Dianna, Sarah, Rhonda, Debbie, Ann, Belinda, Cheryl, Cindy. Some for a season, some truer then true friends. I feel very blessed by the friendships that God has provided me and when he provided those gals in my life, if for a season, I praise Him for that, if forever, I praise Him for that. If you were one of those gals who I have journied with in life, thanks for being a friend. Thanks for being used by God. I'm praising Him for you!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Peach picking!

We thought since we will be in the midst of a big move during apple picking season, that we would pick peaches this year instead. This was so much fun and the girls LOVED being able to pick their own and even try a few. Maci LOVES peaches and enjoyed every minute of slurping all over hers. We hope you enjoy the pictures!

Maci enjoying a peach
Emma with the cutest smile on her face!I LOVE this picture of Emma...her eyes look so big!
Chloe and Emma running
Maci working on her peach!
Maci picking her peach!

Chloe picking her a peach! She had so much fun doing this but couldn't understand why we didn't want her to pick everyone that she saw! We told her that she was 4 and could pick four peaches...I think she thought that meant all of the peaches off of four trees!

I'm cheating here!

Click on this link for some cute picts and videos of a recent trip we took! It's a link to a friends blog that has it all on there!