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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Beyond Thankful for EVERYDAY

So much time has passed since my last blog post on this blog! I have been busy working away on my other blog, mycrazysavings.com. I wanted to pop in over here and say that I am so beyond thankful for life. Thankful for my three beautiful healthy girls, thankful for my loving husband, and thankful for my friends and family who all continue to help me build my wealth of memories.

Since my last post in 2011, I can not begin to name all of the places we have gone, things we have seen, or even a fraction of the memories we have built. I am so so so thankful for each and every day. It's a gift from God and I know it.

I may never have financial riches, but I am beyond rich, blessed beyond measure. My whole world is photographed above!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hi, My name is Courtney...

Wow, it's been a while since I've updated this baby! I just went thru a crazy busy season in my life with a more then full time job, amongst everything else. That season has come to an end and I am freeing up more time for the Steve, the girls, friends, and myself! I have slept better the last two nights then I have in a year and a half. I loved what I was doing, but felt it had gotten to an unhealthy level of stress.

I am so thankful to have loving support from my friends and family. Thanks to all who have endured my endless hours working, constant email checking, and my "just one more, then we can go" lifestyle. I won't lie, I won't bounce back to normal quickly...it's a way of life that I have lived for 1.5 yrs! I've had an incredible journey and have learned soooo much!

So what's next for me? At this point, I am really not sure. I want to take things slow and enjoy being a wife and mom again! I want to play with my girls and plan date nights for Steve and I again! I want to shop until I drop (with coupons of course) in the middle of the day just because I can. I want to help out friends when they need me, and I want to allow God to direct what the future holds.

So look for more updates here! I will be adding pictures and updates about the girls soon! They are such a joy and I am so thankful that God has cleared away the fog of work so that I can enjoy them more!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Way too long...

It has been way too long since my last post. Life has been moving and going so fast, the winds of it all are keeping me in the right direction. I have been all over the map physically and emotionally. Two very very dear people in my life have gone to be with the Lord and that has not come without a flood of emotions. The emotions range from joy of two lives well lived in service to the Lord, to sorrow from personally losing two mentors. 72+ years of marriage says a lot about two people. The commitment, the love, the persistence, and the grace that was between them has only been a testimony of their relationship with the Lord Almighty. They led our family thru trying times with the word of God. I am going to miss the long winded prayers of my great grandfather and the sassy comments of my great grandmother more as the year progresses. It has been a joy and honor to have GREAT grandparents. I am stronger, wiser, and live life more to the fullest because of them. They have bonded a family together with their legacy of love.