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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Fun picts from our trip to Hollywood!

This is mostly just going to be picts. I wanted to get as many picts on here as possible...I will actually blog about the weeks events next week as I am going out of town tomorrow and want to soak in as much time with my girls as possible. This momma missed her girls like crazy!
Pict of Adam...Kris was MIA afterwards...bummer!
Paula Abdul

Me with Megan


Me with Danny...and yes I did fire my camera man (my husband) for the blurry picts he took!

A clear shot of Danny

Me with Lil Rounds

Me with David!

Oh my goodness I was really here!

My ticket to the after party!

Elvis's star...we actually saw him here too

Chinese Theater

John Wayne had TINY feet! I'm a ladies 7

Me with the Ladies!

The Hollywood walk of fame...this was so cool!

The Hollywood sign!

Love the Palm trees

Had to get this one for my girls...didn't see Cinderella or Sleeping beauty, which is who they would have really loved

This is where American Idol is normally taped...just not for the finale

All ready to go out for a LONG night of Idol and After party!

Where it all happened!


Me before heading out for the Tues night performances

Lunch at Gordan Ramsey's...the chef from Hell's Kitchen

So fun! And a little more then we typically spend for lunch...but we did it anyways!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

MOPS Blog Tour Review

I was asked to participate in a book blog tour with MOPS. I thought this would be a great way to keep up with my goal to read 6 books this year! I have read 4 books before this one, so making this my 5th! I am very excited about doing this blog tour as it puts books into my hands that I might not have known about.
Here is my first review:
Making Word at home Work by Mary M. Byers.
I found this book to be very informative. I loved how she talked in simple terms and kept her story completely real and authentic. She did not coat it as she had it all figured out, and shared some of her struggles in getting started and getting structure. She uses the first part of the book talking about setting up the structure for the home business, then the second half of the book talks about maximizing the effort of the job. She is very straight forward and practical in her writing and I loved that the chapters were not too long. I could read one here and another there without feeling like I was not "finishing" what I started.
I will be posting another blog about the book Life on Planet Mom in the next few weeks!

Saturday, May 16, 2009


So I STILL can not believe this...even as I type it all in! I had a friend a few weeks back host a "Juicey Juice" House party. I couldn't make it to her party, but looked at the House party website. I decided to sign up and see if I could host a party too. I saw an American Idol finale party and knew this was one that I wanted to host. I signed up and answered some screener questions and was chosen to host! A bonus to hosting was that I could also be a part of an "Idol Rocks, Ford Rolls" sweepstakes. As part of this sweepstakes, I needed my friends and family to vote for me. The drawing was at random, but I needed as many votes as possible! I decided that if I could get 500 votes I would stop trying. After emailing all my friends and family, the church, and a local college, I posted on Facebook and let it go. I was very encouraged each day to see the votes rise on the leaders board! I half heartly all week, joked that I would have to cancel this or that because I was going to be in LA! Much to my surprise on Friday morning, I sat down to the computer and checked my email...no email stating that I had won. I jumped on to Houseparty.com and checked here to see if anyone had posted...nothing. Then the phone rang. It was some random marketing company that I had never heard of. I answered and the next 10 minutes of my life were the most emotional 10 minutes I had felt in years! I wanted to scream, shout, cry, and be pinched! I actually won! I WON! I won a trip for two to LA to see the American Idol finales in person! Hotel paid (at the London West Hollywood), flight paid, and a $500 visa card! WOW! On top of all of this...a 2010 Special Edition Ford Fusion Sport! Here is more info about it from a press release that Ford put together: Custom made for serious music fans, the limited edition Ford Fusion comes complete with everything you need to karaoke while on the go. The American Idol Fusion features a 12-speaker Sony sound system with iPod karaoke kit and iPod and LCD monitors mounted in the headrests of the driver and front passenger seats. Additionally, the vehicle will come with American Idol embroidered floor mats and American Idol exterior badging. The Limited Edition American Idol Fusion is Sport model with the Moon and Tune Package, blue exterior color with charcoal leather interior. The Sport model offers an even sportier look, a bigger, more-powerful engine, special 18 inch wheels and upgraded suspension tuning to go along with a distinctive interior. Here are a few pictures: It will actually be this Blue color as well! I can not wait to get the car!

Saturday, May 2, 2009



Click on the link above and VOTE for me to win a trip for two to LA to the season Finale of American Idol! I would LOVE to get to go!